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Vinegar Hill's Newest Condos Hit the Market From $515K

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Location: 102 Gold Street in Vinegar Hill
Size: 10 units
Prices: $515,000 to $1,095,000 so far
Developer/Owner: The Redd Group
Architect: Anthony Morena
Sales & Marketing: Corcoran

As promised, the condo building on the site of an old townhouse at 102 Gold Street in Vinegar Hill is now on the market, with showings to begin next week. Four listings have popped up, spotted by Brownstoner, and there's a variety of layouts, from garden duplex to a 2BR, 2BA with home office and 40-square-foot terrace. Prices appear to be in the same range as the building next door, done by the same developer and architect?no big surprise there.

The brokerbabble is big on the sustainable aspects of the project: "creative re-use of recovered materials from the building site," "locally-sourced and reclaimed building products," and an exterior that has "environmentally-minded design here" written all over it. The building also has a 15-year 421a tax abatement.
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102 Gold Street

102 Gold Street, Brooklyn, NY