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New Condo The Whitman Launches to Lunch and Views

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The condo conversion of the Plumbers Local 1 building at 21 East 26th Street is, as of lunchtime today, on the market. The developer, brokers, and assorted other building affiliates gathered at Eleven Madison Park?where the view, as Elliman's Howard Lorber pointed out, is pretty darn similar to the view from the condos?to celebrate The Whitman's launch. We headed over to take some pictures of the building fixtures on display, and a few of the renderings. (There are a few more renders over here.) Developer David Mitchell "relished in the materials," he told the assembled brokers?and in fact, the same company that did the fixtures will be taking the Whitman's ground-floor retail space.

Showings at the building start tomorrow, the sales office opens Saturday, and the model unit should be finished within a month. So what's on offer? The units start at $10 million and go up to $22.5 million for the penthouse. Lorber tried to put a bargain-minded spin on things by pointing out that that's only $2,000/square foot, and "today you start saying to yourself, why is it only $2,000/foot?" given other prices in the area. (The assembled brokers chuckled uncomfortably.) That penthouse comes with 27,000 square feet of air rights, which a buyer could choose to use or?and we're not sure whether to be worried or intrigued by this?to resell.
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The Whitman

21 East 26th Street, New York, NY 10010