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The NYC Skyline: Add Stars, Subtract Electricity

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Whoa. French photographer Thierry Cohen's latest project, "Darkened Cities," is to photograph standard urban skylines, and then create a composite image with a shot of the stars taken in a place with no light pollution, like the Sahara dessert. His striking, heavily edited works, including this capture of the Empire State Building (above), will be exhibited starting March 28 at Chelsea's Danziger Gallery.

Thierry carefully tracks the latitude, longitude and time of his exposures, ensuring that the end result includes the precise constellations of the night sky that would hover above the angle of the original, urban shot. He essentially takes the now-iconic shots of powerless Manhattan taken after Hurricane Sandy (like the New York Magazine cover) and adds astronomy into the mix. Check out his similar snaps of LA, Rio, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong when the exhibition opens.
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