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Very Square 432 Park Avenue Is Rising Quickly

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New York's future tallest building tallest residential building, 432 Park Avenue, is a gold mine for construction watching nerds. Not only has developer Macklowe Properties hired a professional photographer to regularly document the site's progress, but they've installed three separate livestream cameras so anyone can watch the building rise. The view from 57th Street highlights just how very square the 1,397-foot-tall tower will be, and the outline of the floor is visible so it's fun to imagine how the condos could be laid out. New York Yimby has a few recent photos of the site from street level, noting that the core has reached the seventh story?only 80-some more to go!

The developers have been secretive about the details of Rafael Vinoly's tower design, but NY YIMBY speculates that the raw concrete will be the final facade product, without any lamination or covering. It will simply be cured to a "stunningly white" color.
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432 Park Avenue

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