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The State of the City; New Tours of Grand Central

ATLANTIC YARDS?In addition to making eliminating Styrofoam his next mission (after tackling fatty foods and sugary sodas), Mayor Mike also had a few things to say about the planning and development in his last State of the City address (full text here). From his perch at the Barclays Center nearby, he said, "The first residential tower at Atlantic Yards is rising, and it will have nearly 200 affordable apartments." He also vowed that the Third Water Tunnel will get completed this year, that Staten Island is getting a huge new park at Fresh Kills, that the High Line will open its third leg, and that a further revamped Coney Island will debut this summer. More for you Brooklyn-watchers: "We'll move forward with a plan to turn the old Domino Sugar Plant into new housing and we'll create the commercial space that Brooklyn's growing tech community needs." Thanks, Hizzoner. [CurbedWire Inbox, Capital New York]

MIDTOWN EAST?You thought you'd hard the last of Grand Central Terminal's centennial celebrations? Nuh-uh, the appeciation party keeps chugging right along. Now the MTA has teamed up with the Municipal Arts Society to offer daily 75-minute tours that highlight the train station's history, architecture and operation. They depart at 12:30pm from the main concourse, are led by trained docents, and are open to the general public ($20 for adults; $15 for seniors, students and others). Here, some pretty photos of what you'll see. [CurbedWire Inbox]