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Governors Island's Latest Summer Pavilion Seeks Funding

Summer is coming (eventually), and Studio Klimoski Chang Architects is hard at work on its "Head in the Clouds" project, the winning design for this summer's pavilion at the Figment Arts Festival on Governors Island. In order to build the thing, the architects have turned to Kickstarter for $9,000 in funding. (Current total: $5,278.) The design is a 40-foot by 18-foot by 15-foot cloud-shaped structure made out of wood, aluminum, and the number of recycled plastic bottles thrown out in NYC in an hour?53,780. The whole thing will be colored blue on the inside. The architects have an idea for how to make the structure and fabrication work?a necessary development, since they won the competition already?and now they need funding to purchase the non-donated materials and the machine time necessary to turn all the materials into the pavilion.

The pavilion's interior:

And a section:

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