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Big Reveal: $815K for a 1BR Co-op In the West Village

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Well, people certainly had a lot to say about this 1 bedroom with a den in the West Village?mainly, everyone thought it looked very small. An anonymous guesser was the first to name the correct asking price of $815,000, and he shared the general sentiment of smallness: "Those rooms are tiny and that's a walk-in closet for a toddler." The co-op building, 260 West 10th Street, is a five-story walk-up built in 1910, and it holds 10 units. Most guesses were around the $800K mark, but some ventured in the $1 million range, noting that things in the West Village can be overpriced. Now that the price has been revealed, what say ye? Will it fetch the full $815K?

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