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"When One Morton Square first came to market I thought anything south of Christopher St would be less than ideal, less than prime. And to a large measure I was right, though Morton Sq has done fairly well. (Morton Sq still lags far behind in ppsf when compared to other newly built luxury condos in the West Village.) In this instance I think 165 Charles St is, again, too close to Christopher St to be considered a prime location. Sure it's in the West Village but still, it can feel seedy at times. And one has to consider the row of run-down shops and buildings that border the condo and which run the full block along West Street. It'll all come down to how the condo turns out and whether the developer goes cheap with any of the materials or details?.But with the lack of any decent available apartments in the West Village this condo should do well. It's just not a slam dunk."?anon [Pricing, Floorplans Revealed at On-Sale 150 Charles Street]