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Queens Museum To Double in Size; Urban Design Summit

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FLUSHING MEADOWS CORONA PARK?Ahead of its new addition's opening in October 2013, the Queens Museum of Art is doubling its total size, ending up with 105,000 square feet upon completion of the expanded expansion. (The groundbreaking for the $68 million addition occurred in 2011.) The extra space will encompass galleries, artists' studios, event spaces, classrooms, and a cafe; it will also include facade changes and more outdoor space. For those who plan ahead: one of the inaugural exhibitions will be by Taiwan-born, New York-based photographer Jeff Chien-Hsieng Lao, whose work chronicles the evolution of the museum building itself, which was originally the New York City Pavilion in both the 1939 and 1964 World's Fairs. [CurbedWire Inbox]

NEW YORK CITY?Another one for those scheduling- and urban planning-obsessed folks. The Forum for Urban Design is now accepting ideas for a think tank-y confab of sorts called Next New York, which they're calling "a series welcoming bold new projects, policies, and plans for New York City"?for after Bloomberg is out-ski. Submissions are welcome (send 'em here); selected proposals will be announced in June and published later in the year. Meanwhile, breakfast-time roundtable discussions chaired by various experts in fields from zoning to arts and culture will be held from March 29 to May 19. Follow all the nerdy, wonky fun at the Urban Design Review. [CurbedWire Inbox]