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Neighborhood Name Game Will Waste Time, Cause Debates

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Are you busy? Do you have a lot of work to do before the long weekend? Are too many things distracting you on this sunny Friday afternoon? Then don't play this time-sucking neighborhood name game spotted by the Atlantic Cites. Called "Click that 'Hood" and created by Code for America, the game challenges you to correctly identify 20 or more Brooklyn neighborhoods as quickly as possible. The neighborhood boundary information is culled from Zillow and the Department of City Planning, and it is bound to inspire some heated disputes. Or make you fee like an idiot for not knowing where Erasmus and Rugby-Remsen Village are located.

The game originated in Louisville and has expanded to 15 other cities. Of the five boroughs, Brooklyn is currently the only NYC locale included, but since it is an online app, there's a section to add another city. Given that there are 8 million of us living in this city, hopefully there's a HTML-savvy New Yorker or two out there who will add the rest of the boroughs soon. Hop to it! In the meantime, share your game time in the comments!
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