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Tribeca's Long-Frozen 5 Franklin Place Gets a New Architect

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5 Franklin Place, a building we loved when the original Ben Van Berkels design debuted in 2008, has been unfreezing slowly for?several years now. Our excitement about the building waned when a new architect was chosen and his thoroughly boring design unveiled. But new developments fill us with hope once again! The current developer, El Ad Group, has chosen another new architect, ODA, and announced that interiors will be designed by Andres Escobar & Associates. Renderings won't be available for another month or so, reps tell us, but at least there's the potential for something a little closer to the Ben Van Berkels end of this project's design spectrum.

The development also has a teaser website, and it includes some hints about pricing. The menu of pricing options lists "open lofts" from $750,000 to $950,000, 1BRs starting at $875,000, 2BRs starting at $1.9 million, 3BRs at $2.9 million, and 4BRs at $5.75 million. There's also a sales office underway nearby. See you there on opening day, Tribeca.
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