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Pricing, Floorplans Revealed at On-Sale 150 Charles Street

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Brokers have been getting early peeks at 150 Charles Street for the past week or two, and now the developer and sales team have made it official: the building, much hated by neighbors, is on the market. Eight of the building's 91 units are up for grabs, and while the listings don't really resolve our big questions?most importantly, will there still be waterfalls??they do provide a few more details about the building amenities. Those include: "more than 33,000 square feet of lushly landscaped private green space," a covered driveway and parking, and a 75-foot lap pool. Interior design is by Alan Wanzenberg Design, the same folks involved with 422 West 20th Street.

So how much will these places cost? So far, prices range from $4.2 million for a 1,577-square-foot 2BR to $8.95 million for a 3,956-square-foot 4BR. UPDATE: Building reps sent along some clearer floorplans. Here they are:

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150 Charles St

150 Charles Street, Manhattan, NY 10014