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Things Start to Heat Up in the Boerum Hill Townhouse Market

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The first of Rogers Marvel Architects' Nine Townhouses hit the market earlier this week for $3.5 million, and already it's facing some stiff competition, as 128 Bergen Street, a three-family, four-story brownstone a few blocks to the south, just hit the market, also asking $3.5 million. Right in between those two, another beautifully renovated brownstone is hoping for $4.2 million, while a two-family located at the southern edge of the neighborhood also hit the market this week, asking $2.75 million. But back to 128 Bergen Street—the 3,800-square-foot house features a recently renovated 3BR owner's duplex connected to a landscaped garden and a 1BR with an office on each of the upper two floors. Which Boerum Hill townhouse will be the first to go? Make your guesses in the comments.

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128 Bergen Street

128 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY