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One Illustrator's Hunt for the Coolest Windows in New York

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A graphic designer by day, Jose Guizar has picked up a hobby on the side: hunting down one awesome window in New York City each week and then capturing it in a vibrantly colored drawing. His series, "Windows of New York," is "part an ode to architecture and part a self-challenge to never stop looking up," he writes on the project's site. Guizar adds: "I'm into all kinds of visual things, sharing good stuff with great people, and apparently, staring creepily at windows." We tracked him down and asked three questions about his incredibly niche, fundamentally fenestral passion.

Curbed: How do you go about finding windows to draw?

Jose Guizar: I don't really have a window-hunting ritual on a certain day or anything like that. I am always looking for windows –from my commute to work to my trip to the grocery store to my night out, I collect photos of windows that catch my eye. It's quite a fixation now.

Curbed: How much time a week do you spend making your illustrations?

JG: I spend something between three and and six hours [a week] doing the illustrations. It's slowly becoming a very therapeutic weekly ritual.

Curbed: What's your favorite area to go hunt for funky windows, and do you have a favorite window?

JG: There is still so much of New York that I haven't explored, but I would say so far the East Village and the LES have the most charming windows. Chinatown also has some crazy ones. I still don't have a favorite window?there are just so many!
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