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Artist's Modern Village Carriage House Listed for $9.1 Million

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Pop artist Jim Dine bought this two-story West Village carriage house for only $775,000 in 1997, but that was before the renovation—well before, actually. Dine used the house exclusively as an art studio until 2010, when he hired his son, designer Nick Dine to completely redo the place. The result is a minimalistic, loft-like interior that makes full use of the approximately 3,800 square feet of space, filling it with natural light and a few artsy touches courtesy of Jim, such as the multicolored tile floor in the foyer. Now, Dine and his wife, who spend most of their time out of the city, have decided to sell and listed the house for $9.1 million.
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22 Jane Street

22 Jane Street, New York, NY