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Sandy-Ravaged Chelsea Building Was Actually an Illegal Hotel

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More bad news for the Chelsea building that lost its brick facade to Hurricane Sandy winds: the city is now very much aware that it was operating as an illegal hotel and would like it to stop (even though it's basically already been stopped by not having a facade any more.) City officials have pledged to crack down on Airbnb and other such services over the past year, with mixed results. When your hotel turns into a life-sized dollhouse and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn shows up in person, however, staying under the radar becomes a little bit tricky. "As someone who was on site during the vacate process," Quinn wrote in a letter to the Buildings Department this week, "I can attest to the fact that the users of the buildings were transient guests and not permanent residents." She went on to demand that the building be returned to residential use, although, at the present time it's in no condition to be returned to any type of use. At least the tourists who were staying there got a great story to take home with them.
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