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Salvation Army Destructoporn; Craigslist Listing App

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WILLIAMSBURG?Well that didn't take long. Just a few weeks after demolition started, the Salvation Army on the corner of Bedford Avenue and North 7th is now a pile of rubble. The store is being replaced with...another Salvation Army. According to our sister site, it will have "a department store feel with better lighting, larger aisles and a better shopping experience." [CurbedWire Inbox; Racked NY]

THE INTERNET?Craigslist can be a black hole of apartment listings, but a new app aims to make using the list serve to search for apartments much simpler. Created by Mokriya, the accesses all types of Craigslist listings, but it has features geared toward apartment hunters. It uses GPS to pull up listings in your area, allows you to set alerts for new listings, and it puts the photos of listings front and center. [CurbedWire Inbox; official]