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Permits Filed for 10-Story Mixed Use Building on Orchard St.

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Many moons ago, there were plans for a forty-unit boutique hotel to rise at 119 Orchard Street. While those plans never came to fruition, the building was completely torn down in November 2010. The site has been a hole in the ground ever since, but changes are afoot! We were browsing through the DOB database this morning and spotted a renewed permit for a new 10-story mixed use building on the site. The plans call for a "mix use building with residential, hotel, eating and drinking establishment and community facility."

The size of the structure is the same as what was previously reported, 10-stories plus a cellar and sub-cellar, but the number of hotel rooms has dropped significantly. According to the permit, the restaurant/bar would occupy the cellar and sub-cellar, and the first floor would have the community space (labeled as "ambulatory diagnostic or treatment healthcare facility"). Floors two through five would each have four hotel rooms, while floors six through eight would each have one apartment. The top two floors would be a duplex penthouse. That all adds up to 16 hotel rooms and four apartments. AM/PM Design & Consulting is listed as the applicant of record, and we've reached out for more information. We'll update if we hear back, but in the meantime, if you've got intel, send it to the tipline.
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Photo of 119 Orchard Street in June 2011, via Google Streetview