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BK's Fourth Avenue Seeks Feedback, in Post-It Form

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A far cry from some of their stuck-in-the-90s websites, the City has actually created a technologically nifty way for Brooklyn residents to give feedback about Fourth Avenue?in both the Bay Ridge and Park Slope areas. It's part of a months-long, in-depth study of the long thoroughfare. The interactive online tool allows neighborhood denizens with beef to bring it aaaallll up, or, you know, more tactfully share suggestions. You can select a particular point or intersection on the horizontal Google map and then place a virtual Post-it there with your comment. We've gotta be honest... the site is kind of addictive, even for those who might not live nearby.

To view the responses so far, click on each intersection to see the pile of sticky-note comments made about that spot. The whole initiative, which has already tackled Sunset Park, stems from the 4th Avenue Task Force, the brainchild of alliterative Brooklyn borough prez Marty Markowitz, who wants to create "a grand landscaped, and safe boulevard from Atlantic Avenue to the Atlantic Ocean." The site is open for suggestions till mid-March, and there are also neighborhood forums scheduled in order to gather further feedback.

Onto the fun stuff?residents' suggestions range from the detailed...

... to the concise (and bordering on the imperative!).

If you don't want your concerns to be so public (or neon), then just email the DOT with your thoughts on Fourth Avenue, or sign up to receive a newsletter.
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