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Astoria Park Pool Reno Will Cost $4M, Have No New Restrooms

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The Parks Department announced plans to turn the defunct Astoria Park diving pool into a 500-seat performing arts space, but the $4 million plan has a small flaw. The Daily News reports that there's not enough money to build new restroom facilities. The diving pool is beside the regular pool, which is still used every summer. The renovation would pave the empty pool with concrete, creating a 37,000-square-foot amphitheater-style space. Plans need to be approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, but if all goes well, construction could start in 18 months.

Naturally, people are concerned about the fact that there would be no bathrooms. At a meeting this week, Kevin Quinn, director of architecture for the Parks Department was pretty blunt about the issue: "It's either we have a bunch of restrooms with no reason for being there, or we have the stage with no restrooms. We can't do both." It was unclear if the pool locker room restrooms could be used. Eventually, new facilites would be built, but in the interim, port-a-potties would be brought in.

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