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Iconic NYC Skyscrapers Reimagined As Twisty Sculptures

Artist Alexandre Arrechea has reimagined the New York City skyline with a twist, quite literally. The artist created 10 large-scale sculptures that show the city's most iconic buildings twirling, twisting, and snaking around themselves. Made of aluminum and steel, the sculptures closely replicate the Empire State Building, Sherry-Netherland, Chrysler Building, Seagram Building, and more. The artworks reach up to 20-feet high, and they will be installed along the Park Avenue malls starting tomorrow. While all of the sculptures appear to move, some of them actually can be moved; the MetLife and Citigroup Buildings are fashioned as giant tops, so visitors can push them to make them spin.

The installation, called "No Limits," is being put on by Magnan Metz Gallery in conjunction with the Parks Department and the Fund for the Park Avenue Sculpture Committee. All of the pieces, even those weighing 12,000 pounds, are for sale. They'll be on view along Park Avenue through June 9.
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