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Minetta Street Tenement May Become Single Family Mansion

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A pale yellow five-story tenement building at 9 Minetta Street could be converted into a 5,000-square-foot single family mansion. The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation spotted a Department of Buildings application for a "gut renovation and conversion of existing multiple dwelling into one family townhouse." The permit calls for increasing the building height by 12 feet, but the addition is only labeled as a "roof terrace" on the DOB filings. The application also calls for creating an "accessory loading berth," aka indoor parking, on the first floor, which would require a curb cut. There is no mention of changes to the facade, but we've reached out to the architects listed on the permits, H2-Architects, for more information.

9 Minetta Street is currently home to 20 apartments, and it's unclear if those are vacant or occupied. GVSHP notes that at one point, some of the units were illegally advertised as hotel rooms. The building was erected in 1883, and it's not landmarked or part of a historic district, so changes would not have to go through the Landmarks Preservation Commission. This wouldn't be the first major downtown mansion conversion?the Economakis family made big waves when they kicked rent-stabilized tenants out of 47 East 3rd Street to turn it into their sprawling, 11,600-square-foot home.
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