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Heights Carriage House to Be Restored to Original Brick-ness

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This morning, the Landmarks Preservation Commission gave the green light to Ann Krsul, the architect charged with restoring the facade of 165 Columbia Heights, the stucco-clad carriage house formerly owned by the Jehovah's Witnessess, which sold last year for $4.1 million. The house's new owners, the Feigers, want to do a strict historical restoration, which will involve stripping the current stucco facade (first added in 1932), restoring the brownstone brick underneath (if the brick turns out to be un-restorable, salvaged brick will be used), and changing the steel windows back to their original wood. The Commission was clearly heartened to see the owners opting for the much more expensive of the two possible routes (commissioner Fred Bland called the stucco "without style") and, although there were a few technical issues raised, they approved the plans unanimously.
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