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15 CPW Developers Pay Record Price for UES Air Rights

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Developers William and Arthur Zeckendorf of 15 Central Park West and 18 Gramercy Park fame have a new project in the works at 43 East 60th Street, and because this is the Zeckendorfs we're talking about, there is record-shattering involved. The Times reports that the developers are paying $600/square foot for the air rights that will allow them to build the 30-unit tower's full 51 stories. (The seller of the 70,000 square feet of air rights was Christ Church at the northwest corner of Park and 60th Street.) The previous air rights record, paid for project at 21st Street and Eleventh Avenue last year, was $500/square foot. Of course, the Zeckendorfs can afford to pay this kind of premium, since they'll ultimately be selling the apartments for, most likely, more than $8,000/square foot.
?Photo of 42 East 60th Street in 2011 via PropertyShark
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