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Printing House Condos Now Promised for March

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After some radio silence, The Printing House condo conversion at 421 Hudson Street?a project that began back in 2011 and faced a legal skirmish along the way?has finally set a date(ish) for its completion. Sales will launch in mid-March, headed by Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group, with an on-site center and four model apartments, according to an cheery update that hit the CurbedWire Inbox today. The teaser site is breathing a similar sigh of relief, proclaiming that "at last" this completely renovated 1911 building will be open for business in March. The first tenants will be able to move in May, but occupancy will continue in waves as construction phases finish.

Some brokerbabble from a rep: the 64 new units (which will be in addition to existing 1- and 2-BR condos at 421 Hudson) will include one- through four-bedroom apartments, but there will also be "townhouses and maisonettes accessed through the building's completely reimagined private landscaped mews." Given the photo we got (right), which hints at what the newly designed residences will look like, we're predicting high ceilings, big windows and modern finishes that stand in contrast to the building's 102-year-old history.
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The Printing House

421 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014