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Tribeca's Long-Awaited 5 Franklin Place Unveils Its New Look

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Tribeca's 5 Franklin Place, one of those boom-time new developments that's been regrettably redesigned several times since 2008 but never built, can't let 56 Leonard get all the unarrested development glory. Now just called Franklin Place, the building announced earlier this month that sales would resume soon, and that there was a new architect, ODA, on board. Above, the first teaser rendering of the ODA design. We'll need fuller renderings to really offer up a verdict, but any early feelings on how this compares to previous iterations?

The first design, by Ben Van Berkels, was one of our favorites of 2008, abandoned in 2011 for a highly boring design by Richard DeMarco. Here are those, with Ben Van Berkels on the right and DeMarco on the left:

Informal poll! Which design is best? And since the 2008 design is never to return, is the new look at least better than the DeMarco?

The Post notes today that the building will be asking around $1,600/square foot when sales launch, and $2,000+/square foot for the penthouses.
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