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Step Inside the Newly Rebuilt 777 Washington Street

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UPDATE: The photos have been removed at the request of Leroy Street Studios.

After photographer Albert Watson sold his massive 20,000-square-foot, 70-foot-wide West Village townhouse in 2009, the new owner, a hedge fund guy who paid $34 million, "encountered structural problems" while doing some routine renovations. He ended up tearing the whole place down once the Landmarks Commission had extracted a promise from him to rebuild the house exactly as it was (not counting the changes—enlarging the fourth floor and adding new windows—that the LPC had already approved.) The exterior was finished in 2011 and now the interiors have followed suit. And more importantly, photos of those interiors have appeared online courtesy of architectural design firm Leroy Street Studios.

We could describe their work, but they probably did it better:

For this new home and gallery the client envisioned a home that gracefully integrates a large, active family....Central to realizing this ideal was maximizing the amount of natural light and outdoor living space through a series of volumes carved out of the building mass. In addition to opening the interior to natural light and air the resultant spaces stitch together the various living spaces by allowing a visual connection between large portions of the house for a more intimate and domestic experience. At the heart of the house, well insulated from the bustle of the city, sits a large courtyard lined with walkways that act as both circulation and gallery space. The minimal separation of a three story steel and glass curtain wall between courtyard and galleries allows for a simultaneous experience of both art and nature.

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777 Washington

777 Washington Street, New York, NY