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Upper East Side Spa-Condo Sued for Not Being At All Spa-Like

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The first signs of trouble at 515 East 72nd Street, the building formerly known as Miraval Living, started long, long ago, with desperate resellers taking steep losses on their condos. Now a lawsuit against the building illuminates just how deep the troubles run. According to the Post, a couple who bought in the building back in 2008 is suing the condo for being pretty much the exact opposite of what the luxury residential spa resort promised to be. The suit says the building is "a virtual war zone of construction, malfunctioning elevators, and faulty plumbing," plus, it's "devoid of all the services, programs, luxuries, and amenities that were represented to justify the ultra-premium price."

The condo was originally modelled after the Miraval spa in the Arizona desert, but it parted ways with Miraval in 2010 and the spa, under a different operator, didn't actually open until 2011. But even then, it seems that none of the promises, like "famous yoga clases," came to be. On top of that, the place is falling apart. The suit alleges that the place has "crumbling fixtures, faulty pipes, and defective floor tiles," and the suing couple's front door "spontaneously fell off its hinges." The couple is seeking $5.5. million in damages, and, per the Post, they join "a dozen other plaintiffs who have slapped the building with lawsuits alleging everything from unpaid employee wages to personal injury claims for reportedly dangerous construction conditions."
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515 East 72nd St

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