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What the NYC Subway Might Look Like With Safety Doors

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Welcome back to Redesign the City, a feature in which University of Edinburgh architecture graduate William Weber reimagines how NYC neighborhoods and buildings could be improved or how they might look in the future. Have a building you want us to re-envision? Want to submit a rendering of your own? Please be in touch.

As subway deaths increase, the MTA is considering various safety alternatives, including sensors that could detect obstructions and sliding doors that would block passengers from the tracks until the train arrives. The latter idea has some at the MTA worried about the cost, time of construction, and operational challenges?for example, the fact that there aren't set door locations for all NYC subway cars. But several other cities (and airports) have already implemented such doors successfully. Inspired by London's Jubilee Line, our Redesign the City columnist William Weber imagined what this safety measure might look like at the 86th Street 4/5/6 station.

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