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Two Trees Wants Office Space In Domino Development

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Two Trees recently shared the results of the community input meetings that discussed how to develop the Domino sugar factory, and one thing that the neighborhood really wanted was commercial office space. Now, the Journal reports that they may just get their wish. Jed Walentas, who has pretty much taken control of Two Trees from his father, wants to turn the factory's weather brick building and at least one other into 630,000-square-feet of office space. But to do so means the site would need another rezoning and more approvals from the city. The site was rezoned to allow for 2,200 units of residential development, but not office space.

Why include office space at all? Walentas wants to replicate the residential/ commercial success Two Trees found in Dumbo. He told the Journal, "What we're trying really, really hard to do here is to mix in enough commercial office space to give this neighborhood and this community a sense of that feeling of vitality."

The Domino site is more than half a mile from the first subway stop, and some would say that it's ridiculous to think that people will commute to North Brooklyn. But Two Trees would mainly be marketing to smaller businesses in the area?people who would both live and work there. Office space would rent at about $25/square foot, and since that wouldn't make a profit at first, the residential portion would initially subsidize the commercial.
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