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Custom Bicycles, Piet Boon in the Huys at 404 Park Ave South

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The new building at 404 Park Avenue South is Manhattan's most Dutch development, from its name, Huys, to its scaffolding design, meant to mimic 16th-century Dutch pottery, to its designer, Piet Boon. And then there's the sales office, which has Dutch-made, Huys-branded custom bicycles. (Of course.) Brokers got a reveal of that sales office?in the building's ground-floor retail space?last week, and we got some pics. The sales office, like the rest of the building, was designed by Boon, for whatever that tells us about the design of the rest of the place. We hear that Boon himself and the Amsterdam-based developers were in attendance at the event; we hope they arrived by custom bicycle.
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