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Tribeca's Sad 372 Broadway To Be Reborn As Condos, Finally

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Once upon a time, the lonely and decrepit building at 372 Broadway in Tribeca was going to be remade as a condo building by Abraham Leser and Partners. But the economy tanked and so did that plan, and the building was sold to a new owner, who?surprise, surprise?plans to turn the building into condos. The Tribeca Trib (via Tribeca Citizen) reports that the Im­perial Development Group recently presented plans to the Landmarks Committee of community board 1, which gave its approval. TRA Studio is the architecture firm, and the plan is to rehabilitate the five-story structure and build a glassy, three-story addition on top.

The addition would house a 3,200-square-foot duplex and a single-floor 2,300-square-foot unit, both with outdoor space. Since the existing structure stretches from Broadway to Cortlandt Alley, the new extension would be minimally visible from the street. The condo entrance would be on Cortlandt Alley, and a commercial space would occupy the Broadway storefront. It's a landmarked block, so the buildings needs approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission before work can begin. The DOB application is currently pending, but it shows that there will be one unit on each floor, plus the duplex, for a total of seven condos.
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