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Could A Land Swap Finally Make Moynihan Station Happen?

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The Borough of Manhattan Community College already refused a proposed land swap that could have sped up the development of Moynihan Station, creating a new BMCC campus at the back of the Farley Post Office building. But that hasn't stopped developer the Related Companies from pushing the idea, the Times reports, and since BMCC's enrollment has grown, the college might reconsider. Related would like BMCC to be the anchor tenant in the post office building, taking up 1.1 million square feet. The promised Moynihan Station train platforms and connections to Penn Station would be built while BMCC was moving in.

In exchange, Related would get BMCC's campus 3.8 miles south of Moynihan Station, where Related would probably build apartments. One reason why the City University of New York, BMCC's overlord, is hesitant to make a deal: Related might get more out of the trade than BMCC.
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