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Dumbo's First Townhouses Are Going to Pretend They're Not

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How do you tastefully bring townhouses to an area that doesn't have any townhouses? This was the conundrum facing Alloy, the development/design team behind Dumbo condo conversions 192 Water Street and 185 Plymouth Street, who are developing plans for five adjacent, six-story houses at 55-57 Pearl Street (currently a one-story garage). Those plans, which were revealed at a Landmarks Preservation Commission hearing yesterday afternoon, feature a single facade made primarily of some sort of super concrete called ductal. The facade will be comprised of five rows of one-foot-deep ductal fins with either windows or more ductal behind them, while the ground floor facade will be wood. All of this was deemed more or less acceptable by the LPC, although there were a few concerns raised about whether or not the materials—wood and the light gray ductal—would fit in with Dumbo's heavy brick-ness. Still, the Commission seemed amenable to approving the plans and Alloy seemed eager to continue working on them, so in all likelihood we'll see a slightly revised version of the current design get through sometime within the next few months.

· Alloy LLC