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UWS Residents Go to Court Over 'Mega' Bedbug Infestation

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There's nothing on the market right now in 39 West 67th Street?and that's probably a good thing. The building is, the Post reports, in the middle of a "mega" bedbug infestation. A court complaint filed by the building's board claims that 5,000 to 10,000 bedbugs have infested the penthouse, and that an exterminator who visited in mid-January even found "live bedbugs crawling on the walls in the middle of the day." The apartment's owner says the infestation hasn't spread beyond her 91-year-old tenant's room, and there are a few other twists to the story involving the tenant wandering off to Atlantic City with a bunch of cash when the exterminator arrived. The neighbors presumably don't care about that, though, and just want access to the tenant's room to fumigate it and get rid of whatever she owns that might be bedbug-infested. That skin-crawly feeling will continue at least until tomorrow's court date.
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