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Interactive Map Tracks Plowed NYC Streets In Real Time

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Here's something we didn't know existed: PlowNYC, a real-time map that shows which streets have been cleared. After the snow storm debacle of 2010?when the best source of plowed streets was a crowd-sourced map created by WNYC?the city created PlowNYC to track the city's plow trucks, all of which are equipped with GPS. The Atlantic Cities notes that this weekend will be the first real test for the system, since the city hasn't had a major storm since the 2010 blizzard. Whether or not you want to experience Nemo by staring at little lines moving on your computer screen is up to you, but the map has the potential to be extremely useful.

The streets are color coded by importance?red streets are the top priority, then blue, then yellow?and the vehicle trackers are color coded by the last time they were serviced. Green means the streets were serviced less than an hour ago, and as you can see from the screenshot taken at 3:15 p.m., the snowplows are already quite busy.
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