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Will This 998-Foot Tower of Gardens Rise On South Street?

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While we know for sure that Santiago Calatrava's tower will never rise at 80 South Street, another firm has been creating and sharing designs for a different tower at the location. Since last May, Morali Architects have been posting renderings on their Facebook page. Originally, the plans showed a 780-foot tall tower mixed-use tower with cascading gardens and a solar panel skin. Now, New York YIMBY spotted their latest iteration, a 998-foot tall skyscraper bisected by skygardens that would have a boutique hotel on the bottom and apartments on the top.

Post-Sandy, the South Street and the entire seaport have serious concerns about flooding, and Morali has taken this into consideration. The mechanicals of the building would be situated on the skygardens so they would not be inundated with future floodwaters. The gardens would be 4,300-square-feet and include lap pools. The hotel would have a large spa, business center, and banquet space, plus a restaurant. There are no drawings of the residential floors or the hotel units.

No applications have been filed with the Department of Buildings for 80 South Street, but Anthony Morali, via Facebook, said that the project is in "the review phase only" and they are "finalizing certification with City Planning." He continues:

We are still in the process of attracting a a possible hotel partner. Also there are many facets of the project that still need to be addressed. Environmental. DEP. Structural System. (We are exploring the use of the COBIAX concrete system which uses 33 percent less concrete and a potential LEED component ). Again although no public review is required, there will be numerous filings and we will keep you updated.It seems like Morali is really pushing for this tower, so who knows, perhaps one day we actually will have a soaring tower of condos on South Street.
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