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Tatum O'Neal Finally Unloads Her Forward Building Condo

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Actress Tatum O'Neal has owned a condo in the Lower East Side's Forward Building?former home, as the name implies, of the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper?since 2006, but she left for L.A. after she was arrested for trying to buy crack near the building in 2008. The next logical step was to sell the Forward Building pad, which she first tried to do in 2011 for $1.495 million. (She also tried listing it as a rental, for $6,000/month.) That first attempt failed, but a second effort, at $1.65 million last September, fared better?the apartment has sold, The Real Deal reports, for $1.72 million. We still really like that domed ceiling, part of the original lobby of the building.

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Forward Building

175 East Broadway, New York, NY 10002