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A Quick Primer on How Not to Deal With Your Co-op Board

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When the board at 80 John Street found out that one of its residents was illegally renting out her apartment, it was not pleased, obviously. What co-op board would be? However, when the board tried to put the kibosh on the amateur hotel, things started to get messy. The apartment's owner's fiance, one Mr. Harrison, decided that the smart tactic would be to send the board president a Do You Know Who I Am email—those always work—which explained that he comes "from a long line of lawyers in the NYC area" and that he would "reach out to friends and family at the DA's office." The president's response, "We don't know who you are and don't care," led to an even more effective and professional email from Mr. Harrison: "Are you fucking kidding me? Game on jackass." Currently, the apartment's owner is in double contempt of court, assuming that's a thing, after she failed to show up to her contempt of court hearing which was prompted by her continuing insistance on renting her apartment out, even after she'd been ordered to stop. Good game?
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80 John Street

80 John Street, New York, NY