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Brooklyn Heights Co-op Belongs in a Museum, Wants $3.85M

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This 3,000-square-foot garden duplex in 104 Pierrepont Street looks like it might be more at home on Park Avenue than in Brooklyn Heights and it's asking price, while not quite reaching Park Avenue levels, is still pretty hefty for the area at $3,850,000. (That comes out to $1,283/square foot—not a record for Brooklyn Heights, but close.) But what else can you really expect when the place comes with a hand-painted cherub mural on the parlor room ceiling, three wood-burning fireplaces, inlayed floors, intricate molding, etched-glass pocket doors, mahogany paneling, etc. etc. Add to that a large back patio (and the location), and you've got a seriously impressive apartment.

· Listing: 104 Pierrepont Street #1 [Corcoran]

104 Pierrepont Street

104 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn, NY