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Basketball-Loving Soho Loft Down to $5.35 Million

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The future must have seemed so bright for the owners of this 5,000-square-foot loft in Soho's Little Singer Building back in 2004, when they bought the place for $3.3 million and embarked on a $1.5 million renovation. They were so pleased with the results of that renovation that they put it back on the market in 2008 for $11 million and waited a couple years before lowering the ask to a far more realistic $6.495 million. That didn't signal an end to the apartment's Hoop Dreams era, however, as the listing photos still included an actual basketball hoop (the downstairs neighbors must have loved that.) We have to admit, though, that the place is looking a whole lot better these days, and a whole lot cheaper at $5.35 million.

· Listing: 561 Broadway #7AB [Corcoran]
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Little Singer Building

561 Broadway, New York, NY