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Rapping About Bagels; Post-Sandy Restaurant-Worker Stories

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This week's top dish from Eater NY, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog?

1) Manhattan: A 2010 rap video about the glory that is New York bagels resurfaced this week, name-dropping such favorites as Murray's, Lenny's, and (pardon our grief) H&H. Click through?if only because there's a dude in the video wearing a bagel around his neck like bling.

2) NYC: Four months after superstorm Sandy, affected restaurant workers take a look back and chronicle the aftermath, whether their lives are back to normal or still reeling.

3) Brooklyn: In this month's Esquire, cocktail guru Dave Wondrich discusses the borough's changing face?from hole-in-the-wall bars of yore to today's Barclays Center?in a well-worth-the-time long read.

4) Upper West Side: Currently undergoing a $20 million revamp, Tavern on the Green's owners are running into funding problems. Despite the issues, they hope to reopen the historic Central Park institution in the fall.

5) Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill: Brooklyn's oldest bar is now also its brokest. A watering hole with history that dates back to 1874, P.J. Hanley's filed for bankruptcy, and the owner is looking to sell. New to the neighborhood next door: a restaurant enigmatically named Jarro XIC. (In the end, Eater NY solved the mystery.)
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