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Here Now, A 'Burg Home Made From Shipping Containers

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A couple has turned six shipping containers into a three-story home with two decks in South Williamsburg. After over three years of planning, construction and navigating the city's complex maze of building permits, contractor David Boyle and architect Michelle Bertomen got the final OK to live in their crazy-cool (albeit quirky and narrow!) house yesterday. Curbed was on the case when the containers ($1,500 each) were first stacked in 2009, the year after they bought the 800-square-foot chunk of land at 251 Keap Street, but formal move-in took this long because of strict Department of Buildings regulations on open space and other elements of the couple's plan.

After all the back-and-forth with the DOB, Boyle and Bertomen ended up spending $400,000 on their home, but that's still less than the estimate of half a million that they got for a traditional house. As seems fitting, given their their creative design, they've built in a guest room on the first floor for visiting artists and musicians. Would you live here?

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?Photos via DNAinfo.