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Absurd 497 Greenwich Street Penthouse Listed for $14 Million

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The Winka Dubbeldam-designed 497 Greenwich Street has been around for almost a decade, but its 3,500-square-foot duplex penthouse has, for some reason, never been lived in. It will be now, though, if someone is willing to shell out $14 million for the 4BR/3BA pad, which features a sloping, double-story glass wall on its western, Hudson River-facing side, along with a terrace that runs the full width of the property. And, in addition to everything the interiors have been outfitted with (gas fireplace, ceiling speakers in every room, windowed laundry room) the apartment offers a 1,500-square-foot private landscaped rooftop terrace with a living room, outdoor kitchen/wet bar, and dining area. Not too shabby. The bad news: monthly costs come to $9,928.
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497 Greenwich Street

497 Greenwich Street, New York , NY 10013