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Another Brooklyn Townhouse Sells for Almost the Full Ask

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Maybe at this point it's getting to be not-quite-newsworthy when a multi-million dollar Brooklyn townhouse sells for its full asking price, but 309 Warren Street is worth taking a look because, well, it just is, and we probably won't get another chance for quite a while. Custom woodwork, tin ceilings, exposed brick, and crystal chandeliers? These places just keep outdoing each other. The three-story house was converted to a single-family from a two-family in 2006 after selling for $1.895 million. It was put back on the market for $2.899 million last year and, after a few months (practically an eternity for one of these places) on the market, sold this week for $2.73 million. Now Brooklyn townhouse hunters only have around a thousand other amazing places to choose from.

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309 Warren Street

309 Warren Street, Brooklyn, NY