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Cornerspotted: Wallabout Market, Now the Brooklyn Navy Yard

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A lot of old New York City markets look the same, but Curbed commenter Hugo was able to identify this week's Cornerspotter as the old Wallabout Market in Brooklyn. The market began in the early 1880s, and it sat just north of Flushing Avenue on Washington Avenue. By 1884, it was the premiere produce market in Brooklyn, and from 1894-96, architect William Tubby designed and built the market buildings shown in the old photo. The market thrived for nearly 60 years, becoming one of the largest in the world, but by the 1940s, the market occupied a prime chunk of the Brooklyn Navy Yard that was needed for the war effort. Thus, it was knocked down. Today, no trace of Tubby's buildings remain, and Steiner Studios occupies the same location.
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