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Mysterious Nassau Street Project Unveils Name, Details

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The developers of 113 Nassau Street are finally ready to lift the (unintentional) veil of secrecy surrounding the SLCE-designed project, which has been in progress, on and off, since the lots for it were first combined in 2007. The retail and office space in the building, totaling about 35,000 square feet, is already on the market, brokers tell The Real Deal, and the 168 residential units should be ready for move-ins in the first quarter of 2014. The building, which will be called The Lara, will have two addresses: 111 Nassau Street for retail and 113 Nassau for residential. The apartments, leased out of an on-site office, will be rentals. There's no info available yet on the building's rents, so some secrecy remains.
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113 Nassau Street

113 Nassau Street, New York, NY