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New Beach Structures Are Ready for the Next Big Storm

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One type of building that particularly needs to be modified in case of another major storm like Hurricane Sandy? The lifeguard station. So city officials called Garrison Architects in December and asked Jim Garrison and company to design 50 new beach structures, including lifeguard stations, by Memorial Day weekend. Nothing like a time crunch to spur productivity, and the Garrison team has already produced designs for net-zero energy modular structures?nothing new for this crew?to line the city's beaches. Co.Exist has some renderings; take a peek at two above and below.

What makes these structures appropriate in the event of another storm is that they're raised above the FEMA storm surge guidelines, and the beaches will be re-landscaped under them to remove the need for boardwalks. The buildings are also powered by photovoltaics and have solar water heating.
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