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17th Floor of 778 Park Avenue Hits the Market for $22.5M

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Last week, we drooled over the floorplan of the 16th floor at 720 Park Avenue, what with its three terraces and 31-foot-long living room, but it has now been trumped by the 17th floor of neighboring 778 Park Avenue, another Rosario Candela-designed building. The full-floor co-op hit the market this morning for $22.5 million. Its living room may be one foot shorter than the unit at 720 Park, but it's on a higher floor and has five terraces. The photos show mostly minimalist rooms with dark herringbone floors, but the listing, held by Sotheby's broker Roger Erickson, says the place is "ready for you and your architect to create the perfect home," which means there is clearly work to be done.

Unfortunately, Erickson wouldn't divulge the identities of the owners. "It's been owned by the same family for over 70 years," he said in an email, "and that's because it's one of the all time best apartments on Park Avenue." In addition to the five terraces, the place boasts a library with wood-burning fireplace, three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, staff quarters with a laundry room, and a formal dining room with another fireplace. Some people will likely take issue with the fact that there is no real master suite and the powder room is no where near the entertaining areas, that's probably a reason why the buyer needs an architect. They should probably bring in someone to remove that putrid green carpet, too.
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778 Park Avenue

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