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Rebuilding in the Rockaways

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Silver Gull Beach Club, a working-class institution devastated by Sandy that used to operate 460 oceanfront cabanas situated on five piers in the Rockaways, aims to reopen by Memorial Day. But wait?a stop-work order from the federal government might delay the summer fun by a few weeks. Officials are recommending that the club not rebuild one pier (termed "Big Island") out of fear that it's too vulnerable to future storm damage. But the club wants to piece back together its iconic pier, which is best known for being the site of parts a 1984 film called "The Flamingo Kid"?even if it'll just get wiped away by the next superstorm. "It's our risk," the club's general manager told the TImes. "If it gets destroyed again next year, then it's our money gone." [NYT]